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Spirit Tracks Music

1. Title Screen (943kb)
2. File Select (821kb)
3. Story (1301kb)
4. Aboda Village (1005kb)
5. Link’s Final Exam (1170kb)
6. Hyrule Castle Town (796kb)
7. Hyrule Castle Inside (662kb)
8. Hyrule Castle Outside (676kb)
9. Graduation Ceremony (1554kb)
10. Hero’s Clothing (71kb)
11. Escaping With Zelda 1 (429kb)
12. Escapind With Zelda 2 (430kb)
13. The Chancellor (456kb)
14. Your Highness (89kb)
15. Protecting the Princess (232kb)
16. Alfonzo Fights Byrne (208kb)
17. Waking Up In the Castle (713kb)
18. Zelda’s Spirit (1178kb)
19. The Spirit Flute (949kb)
20. Sword Training (978kb)
21. Wilderness (1209kb)
22. Tunnel to the Tower (213kb)
23. Rats (412kb)
24. Entering the Spirit Tower (423kb)
25. The Spirit Tower (964kb)
26. Zelda Panics (1113kb)
27. Exploring the Spirit Tower (1668kb)
28. Chased by a Phantom (553kb)
29. Zelda the Phantom (1128kb)
30. Lets Get Moving (103kb)
31. The Forest Realm Tracks Reappear (399kb)
32. Overworld (Train Stopped) (2913kb)
33. Overworld (Train at Normal Speed) (2832kb)
34. Overworld (Train at Full Speed) (2832kb)

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