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Legend of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time Vol. II – The Lost Tracks

1. Deku Tree (1902kb)
2. Fairy Flying (1027kb)
3. House (1408kb)
4. Battle (3312kb)
5. Inside The Deku Tree (3402kb)
6. Boss Battle (3529kb)
7. Mini Game (1488kb)
8. Middle Boss Battle (3463kb)
9. Dodongo’s Cavern (3707kb)
10. King Dodongo Battle (3152kb)
11. Inside Jabu-Jabu’s Belly (1818kb)
12. Ganondorf’s Theme (2003kb)
13. Sheik’s Theme (1328kb)
14. Ice Cavern (1551kb)
15. Ganon’s Castle Underground (2700kb)
16. Inside Ganon’s Castle (4137kb)
17. Ganondorf Battle (3485kb)
18. Escape From Ganon’s Castle (1970kb)
19. Last Battle (4666kb)
20. End Credits (8797kb)
21. Hyrule (Princess ‘Z’ Trigger Mix) (6051kb)
22. Saria’s Song (Spooky Groovy Remix) (6719kb)
23. Forest Temple (X-Dream Trance Version) (7268kb)


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