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Super Smash Bros. Melee Smashing…Live!

1. Planet Corneria (3915kb)
2. Jungle Garden (5549kb)
3. Great Bay Shrine (7962kb)
4. Dr. Mario (7625kb)
5. Original Medley (9397kb)
6. Fountain of Dreams (6733kb)
7. Pokemon Medley (10701kb)
8. Opening (4999kb)
9. Planet Venom (4350kb)
10. Yoshi’s Story (5091kb)
11. Depth of Brinstar (6908kb)
12. Smash Bros. Great Medley (26787kb)
13. Fire Emblem (7257kb)
14. Green Greens (3558kb)
15. Rainbow Cruise (5305kb)


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