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ZeldaPower.com was founded by webmaster Aaron Holt in March of 1998 as Zelda64 Online. The site featured daily updates and some of the best Zelda news, information, and content on the web at the time. In May of 1999, Aaron introduced ZeldaPower Forums, which became one of the most prominent Zelda forums online. “ZPers” Kao and Kosovar began working as site staff in 2002 and are the current webmasters of ZeldaPower.com.

Over the course of 17+ years, ZeldaPower has remained committed to providing quality Zelda news, content, and community for Zelda fans around the world. We hope that you will continue to visit us here at ZeldaPower.com, and that you will be a part of our Zelda community. Thanks for dropping by!

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All content found on these pages are, unless otherwise specified, Copyright 1998-2011 Zelda Power, All rights reserved. You may not, under any case, use parts of this site without proper permission from the ZeldaPower webmaster.

ZeldaPower collects certain information from it’s users for registration purposes to access member only areas. We collect information such as your screen resolution, operating system, browser version, and your IP address. Your IP is kept under strict restrictions, no one other than moderators at the forums and ZeldaPower administrators are able to access such information. All statistical information is collected via Google. Your information will not be shared with affiliates nor used for commercial purposes. Such information is collected from users when they visit our web page, use our forums, or donate via PayPal. This information is also used to best serve our visitors when it comes to layout modification and overall site structure build. Information will only be shared with external sources in the case of abuse of our services, and then limited strictly to those with an interest in the miss-use of our services through their own.

All Official Zelda Graphics, Copyright 1986-2011 Nintendo of America. All Official Zelda Soundtracks are Copyright 1986-2011 Nintendo of America. If you like the soundtracks, Amazon.com is a great way to purchase them. Please support the creators of these games by purchasing them.


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